Future Punch, the German directing duo comprising of emerging talents JONAS RIEMER and PASCAL SCHUH, met in Berlin while studying film. Their shared passion for storytelling and visual art quickly led them to join forces and form Future Punch, resulting in winning the pitch of the DWA and an Oscar nomination for their exceptional work in VFX/animation.

Their punch line? With a focus on strong storytelling, Future Punch uses cutting-edge technology to create visually stunning pieces that captivate audiences. Their diverse background and love for Berlin's creative scene make their work unique, often blending genres and styles to create something entirely new.

From music videos to short films and commercials, Future Punch continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in film and video. They are a testament to the power of collaboration, rocket newcomers who prove that with passion and drive, anything is achievable.

And let's not forget, they are not only expert filmmakers but relatable too - just ask them about their love for good coffee and terrible jokes.

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